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Where we live

Posted by on June 28, 2013

At the request of my darling sister, who I gather is being asked to explain what our flat is like, here’s a quick blog about our flat and the surrounding area. I already mentioned that it’s a studio flat in a secure building in North Sydney. We have a balcony looking out over the harbour, but our view of the city is blocked by other buildings; you can just see the bridge if you lean out, which you might not want to do seen as we are half way up a 35 story building. The bathroom is, well, a bathroom. The sofa acts as the boundary of the living room, the floor area of which is almost exactly the same size as a double air mattress, luckily. We are so pleased to have our own kitchen again that we don’t mind how small it is, although I do seem to spend an awful lot of time keeping it clean so there is space to cook! And our dining table is an Ikea special and is used more for storage than eating at. It comes fully furnished, we did have to replace the iron, but other than that our only addition is, you guessed it, an espresso machine. Anyways, a picture says a thousand words, so here are 4 four thousand words worth.

We also have access to a small gym, swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. Jono has spent more time in the sauna than Sally and I, but we do occasionally use the other facilities. Not much more to say about the flat really, so I’ll mention where it is; North Sydney.

North Sydney is a clump of high rise buildings on the lower north shore. It’s a ten minute walk from the opposite end of the bridge to Sydney’s central business district and the buildings mostly contain offices. On ground level every other shop is a cafe, which are packed to bursting in the week and closed on the weekends. In fact the whole of North Sydney is empty on the weekends, the bars are usually already empty by 10pm on Friday night. So why did we choose to live here? Well to be honest we chose the flat not the suburb, but there’s a direct train to Westmead (where I work) and within walking distance of Sally’s Bistro.

Think that’s all I have to say about North Sydney, not the most exciting blog but I think it’s important everyone knows how nice our temporary home is! Just don’t ask how much it costs…

5 Responses to Where we live

  1. Marisha Chiverton

    looks lovely david!

  2. Jason

    What a surprise…..the wine rack is all but empty! Lol!

    • frandavi99

      That’s due to lack of bottles bought not too many bottles drunk. Honest!

  3. Jason

    Hmmm….a likely story!

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